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About us

Bibliagora is the world's largest independent Greek e-bookshop outside Greece, supporting communities and promoting the language and literature of Greece worldwide.

The world's first online Greek Bookshop

Our journey began in 2003

Bibliagora was born in England, primarily to meet the needs of a small Greek & Cypriot community.  In 2007 Bibliagora was also established in Belgium to serve European customers, too. Since then, the Bibliagora brand has been synonymous to the Greek language books marketplace worldwide.

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About Bibliagora
Promoting the Language & Literature of Greece

Supporting Communities

Bibliagora has been assisting young and old generations to learn the Greek language since 2003.  We promote the Greek letters and arts with the wish that every single person has access to these precious resources. Our children should have the opportunity to hear Hadjidaki’s music because it is an integral part of their world. They should also have the opportunity to read Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and to feel and understand feelings that we share with our ancestors. The truth is, whether we like it or not, there are certain things in our lives that cannot be expressed in any other way.

Looking into the Future

We’re just getting started

We have been enabling people outside Greece to get closer to the Greek language, culture and spirit for more than 20 years. We continue today with the same dynamism and enthusiasm and look into a bright future where our ecumenical Greek values are spread throughout the world through education, democracy and freedom.

We hope you will find our service useful and if so, please recommend us to your family, friends and colleagues. In addition, we are open to any suggestions for improvement and, of course, to all new ideas. So, get in touch with us!

About Bibliagora

Our incredible team are here for you


Katerina Spencer

Our Crazy Manager
Passionate about Greece and everything Greek, Katerina focuses on enhancing and strengthening a young Bibliagora team. Loves playing table tennis.

Monika Loizou

Our Greek Language Expert
Monika matches educational & literature needs of Greek communities worldwide with available Greek language books and publications. Loves playing the piano.
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Manos Apostolou

Our Logistics Genius
An experienced warehouse and logistics manager, coordinates teams in different countries in transportation, warehousing and inventory. Loves cooking Greek food.

Niki Stavrou

Our Customer Care Queen
Niki can handle all sorts of issues that might arise and focuses on our customers' needs, so they are always happy with Bibliagora's service. Loves taking long walks along the beach.
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